Paw Patrol Cakes

Paw Patrol is a show about a group of rescue dogs in Adventure Bay and a tech-savvy boy, Ryder. The recuse dogs are Chase (Cop dog), Marshall (Fire dog), Rubble (Bulldog), Skye (Fur dog), Rocky, Zuma and Everest (Snow dog).

Paw Patrol is all about adventure, friendship, and teamwork. There are already books and toys around for children. Now join us in celebrating the spirit of Paw Patrol with a cake that’s as special as the occasion itself.

If you are exploring more customisation on the cake, come and see our portfolio of Customised Cakes to see the variety of cake designs

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Celebrating Your Moments With Personalized Cakes

We offer personalized cakes that not only taste delicious, but also transform your vision into an edible work of art that will be the centerpiece of your celebration. Come and view some of our customised cakes.

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