Paw Patrol Cakes Singapore

Paw Patrol is a show about a group of rescue dogs in Adventure Bay and a tech-savvy boy, Ryder. There are already books and toys around for children. Children loves this till they could re-enacts the shows, retells the episodes. The recuse dogs are Chase (Cop dog), Marshall (Fire dog), Rubble (Bulldog), Skye (Fur dog), Rocky, Zuma and Everest (Snow dog).

If Paw Patrol is your children favourite, you can definitely have animal theme for your party. Come and tell us what you wish to have for the cake. Come and contact us and and we will be able to assist you to create a cake of your own. You will be amazed how much your love ones would appreciate it.



For orders, you can reach us via message (WhatsApp/SMS/FaceBook), email or filling up the contact form below. 

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